About Us

My Brain Code – a Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligent Analysis (DMIA) specialist company, is an organisation which brings a meaningful transformation and a positive change in the life of every human being by exploring their brain potential.

My Brain Code is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bright Kids International Education Group. The company was established since 2004 and it has evolved to become one of the largest educational franchise group with the establishment of more than 60 franchise centres in Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Brunei.

Explore Your Potentials

A genius cannot be created, but can be discovered. Everybody has different ratios of Multiple Intelligence, you are a genius when you are in the right position. Identify your inborn talents through DMIA to explore your inner potential!

Know Your Brain Code

Life has no limitations except the ones you make. Remember, knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If they can make penicillin out of a moldy bread then My Brain Code can surely make something great out of you; believe in yourself!

My Brain Code Objective

My Brain Code introducing this scientifically proven and useful aid internationally. DMIA can form the very basis of matters related to counselling and further assistance – be it for students in schools and colleges, in choosing a career option, for HR management, in matters of relationships, personality development, self-actualisation etc.

Our Recognition and Acknowledgement

As a result of our expertise and experience, we have garnered over 4 awards since year 2004. We aim to provide opportunities for those who wants to own a business and help them to thrive. We also strive to expand our analysis system and services throughout the world, and light up the future of our business associates.


Dermotoglyphics is like a map that leads one to understand his own potential and talents. Everyone inherits innate intelligence from their parents. If one’s intelligence gets no opportunity to be inspired and further developed, there is no way for one to develop a full range of intelligence of memory, understanding, reasoning, analysis, integration, and application. We My Brain Code can accurately understand the distribution and amount of cells in the left and right brain of the cell, and predict where the potential lies. Although everyone is born with strengths and weaknesses; if they are identified early, we may further develop the strengths and improve our weakness.

  • Understand your child’s natural character traits
  • Identify his/her innate abilities
  • Identify best learning style for him/her
  • Tailor-make your child’s learning programs
  • Improve the relationship between parents and children
  • Use the right parenting/ teaching style
  • Select Activities based on their innate abilities and Multiple Intelligences
  • Know your Intrinsic potential
  • Comparison between left and right brain hemispheres
  • Understand your analytical and creative mind
  • Allocation of various abilities based on your brain lobes’ strength
  • Multiple Intelligences Distribution
  • Personal Quotients – IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ
  • MI and its sub-abilities to improve on your weaknesses
  • Preferred Learning Style – Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
  • ATD perspective and Learning Sensitivity
  • Learning Communication Character
  • Personalize your extracurricular activities based on MI
  • Career guidance based on your Multiple Intelligences
  • Understand your natural character traits
  • Identify and develop your core competencies.
  • Identify the most suitable learning and leadership styles
  • Quotient proportion – IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ
  • Understand your Work Management Style
  • Department suitability chart based on your MI
  • Analytical, Introspective, Interactive Intelligences based on McKenzie Theory
  • Your Personality Types based on Holland’s Theory.
  • Improve relationships with your loved ones
  • Understand your partner’s Personality traits, Values and Characteristics
  • Recognize your loved one’s communication character
  • Develop understanding through better communication
  • Improve family relationships
  • Reveal your hidden talents
  • Find the right person for the right job
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Discover employees’ potentials, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness
  • HR training and development based on Abilities
  • Evaluate your managers’ performances and core competencies
  • Understand your employee’s Personal Quotients – IQ, EQ, AQ, CQ, SQ
  • Leadership Style
  • Planning and execution style
  • Understand your student’s natural character traits
  • Identify student’s innate talents and weaknesses
  • Tailor-make your student’s learning programs & teaching methods
  • Remedial teaching for students with learning disability based on Learning sensitivity
  • Design multi-modality teaching methods to meet the needs of all learning styles
  • Establish the Multiple Intelligences database of the students
  • Organize academic and extra-curricular activities based on students’ innate abilities
  • Provide career counseling to your students based on MI
  • Understand each other’s Communication Character
  • Natural Traits
  • Potential and Personality
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Psychological and Planning capability
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Work Management Style

Business Opportunity

If you are someone who has an educational background of teaching/ training at any level combined with a flair for counseling and looking for a rewarding business opportunity you are at the right place at the right time.

We have the most innovative product combined with a highly competitive model in the field of education and counseling which will enable you not only to own education franchise business but also to become an expert in the subject and that too at a very low start-up cost.

Some of the advantages of owning this DMIA franchise business are:

Being a new and unique product, this concept has till date reached limited audiences only. So, there is a huge potential to acquire new customers and also, the product being highly beneficial in nature, the cost of acquiring new customers is also very low. The target market is almost 80% of the population.

The only things you need, to operate this business is a laptop and a fingerprint scanner. Hence, the operation cost is very low.

You can conduct your business in any part of the world. Just carry your laptop and a scanner and you are set to roll.

You can have this business as part-time or full-time. Take this as your hobby and work and earn at your convenience.

We provide a comprehensive training module so that you are well versed with the technicalities of the subject and can handle queries confidently. You need to concentrate, learn and enhance your abilities on counseling the candidate after explaining the substance/ contents of the report.

You are never alone in this business. We provide you with the complete quality controlled DMIA Report which is our unique product. Once you upload the client details and scanned fingerprint images, our office takes it up and within a few days you have the report couriered to you. Our full time customer care department will provide solutions to all your queries.

With our comprehensive training along with our innovative product, you will be branded as a highly qualified expert in this field which will also enhance your personal image and brand in society.

Below are the things that we provide / train you with in order to operate this business successfully:

  • One Fingerprint Scanner
  • Training to scan fingerprints
  • Fingerprints Scanning Software
  • Training to upload fingerprint images and client details
  • Training to interpret/counsel “My Brain Code DMIA Report”
  • Marketing & sales tips to run this business
  • Business Presentations and Marketing Materials

This Business Opportunity is a great way of identifying yourself with a noble cause to society. You would be guiding each individual to have a successful career path, guide them on their relationship compatibility to ensure conjugal harmony…. In short you will effectively help them and their families to live a happy & stress free personal, educational & professional life.

As a Franchise of My Brain Code your potential ROI on a monthly basis is a minimum of 100% of invested capital. In fact some of our people recover their capital investment in the first 3 days of operation. Mind boggling opportunity – why give a second thought, fill in the form below and let us show you the detailed plan.